The City of Bratislava owns several cultural organizations such as the Bratislava City Museum, the Bratislava City Theatre (DPOH), the Bratislava City Library and the Bratislava City Gallery (GMB). Data from these organizations has been made available by the city in the form of open data and in the form of graphs. The data depicts visitor numbers, the number of registered readers, the number of book loans as well as the number of exhibitions.

Average attendance of a theatre play in DPOH in 2018-2021

Average number of visitors per year in the city museums 2016-2020

Number of visitors and number of exhibition days in GMB 2013-2021

* Exhibition day: One exhibition day represents one day of a certain exhibition. If there are more exhibitions running simultaneously on one day, the number of exhibition days is directly proportional to the number of exhibitions running. This means that the number of exhibition days in a year can be higher than the number of days in that year.

Number of fiction and non-fiction book loans and number of registered readers in the city library

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Open data are information or data freely available for everyone under equal conditions, which can be used for any purpose, commercial or noncommercial. They are available on the internet in structured form, which allows machine processing. The aim of the portal is to support open data of Bratislava City.

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